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Two Million New Black Homeowners Program


The National Association of Real-Estate Brokers (NAREB) Two Million New Black Homeowner Initiative (Initiative) includes the following five key points:

1. The Program, created by NAREB President Ron Cooper, is a five-year effort that will grow and expand under the next three presidents of NAREB.

2. The Program will be data driven, marking the beginning of a comprehensive database created and managed by NAREB. This database will measure metrics concerning black home buyers, black real-estate professionals and macro and micro-economic trends in the black community.

3. The Program includes the following activities that support NAREB’s mission of Democracy in Housing:

  • Advocacy for the black homeowner;

  • Activism for access to credit and policies that support increased homeownership; and

  • Action-based community outreach that raises awareness and educates communities across the country of the important role homeownership plays in closing the wealth gap in the black community

4. The Program’s tag line is “Black Homeownership Matters” signifying the importance of homeownership, financial stewardship, asset accumulation and equity building in the black community.

5. Measurement of the Program’s progress will focus on victories such as:

  • Increasing homeownership in the black communities over five years

  • Increasing the size and scope of black business in real-estate

  • Strengthening the foundation of black wealth through land ownership

  • Raising the awareness of the important role homeownership plays in wealth creation in the black community

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